Friday, May 28, 2010

Thank You

If you are reading this, there is a good chance that I owe you a thank you note. The combination of my lack of organization and two crazy children means that the task of getting thank you notes sent is monumental. I finally finished all of the notes from Lucian's baby shower and sent half of them (the ones whose addresses I knew off hand), setting the others aside so I could look up addresses later. In the meantime, my whole roll of stamps has gone missing, so those cards with recently-added addresses will now sit even longer until I track down my stamps or actually make my way to the post office to get more. I honestly couldn't tell you which will happen first.

I love writing thank you notes, and I think they are so important. In a digital age, it's so meaningful to receive a hand-written note from someone, even if it's just a quick line or two. If I could write notes and have someone else deal with the envelopes, the addresses, the stamps and the actual mailing, I'd be golden. Alas, it cannot be so, and the process ends up taking me three months. Three months! Eek!

So if I ever owe you a thank you note, please be patient. I promise there is a wonderfully heartfelt note sitting in a box on our desk, waiting to be sent...

And if I ever give you a gift, I have no expectations. I will not think less of you if a thank you note arrives two years later... or never at all. I've been known (numerous times) to be guilty of the same.

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