Saturday, May 8, 2010

Moby, not the musician

I am going to take a minute to rave about one of my favorite baby accessories, the Moby. I received the Moby at Christmas in '08 right before our trip to Europe and it was a lifesaver! I carried around a one-year-old Max almost everywhere we went. No heavy backpack, no bulky stroller, just six yards of stretchy t-shirt material that ties up into a light, comfortable baby carrier.

I packed the Moby away until Lucian was born, then I took it out and relearned how to tie it. It works for newborns up to toddlers, and it can be worn a ton of different ways! I discovered I can put him in there while I cook dinner and he's totally content to watch me chop veggies or mix casseroles. Don't worry, I take him out for any potentially hazardous stir-frying.

If any future (or current) mothers are reading this, I highly recommend adding the Moby to your baby wishlist!

Enough advertising. This was really just an excuse to get a super cute picture of Chubbo up on my blog!

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lsradecki said...

Love those cheeks!!!!