Saturday, July 31, 2010


Almost six months to the day, Lucian started sitting up on his own! Now his favorite thing to do is sit in the living room with pillows propped behind him and watch his big brother play. Max has also taken to sitting right next to Lucian with a pillow of his own (in case he tips over too?) and I love watching the two of them interact- just like brothers should ("No Lucian, I want to play with that! No, Lucian, don't touch that!") but even though he pretends to get annoyed, he doesn't want to move anywhere else!

This new milestone happened at the perfect time, as I've been unable to lift Louie for the past week. Saturday I was able to start carrying him a little bit, but I could plop him down anywhere when I got tired. Plus he seems to be more content when he can see the whole world around him rather than just the ceiling. My convenience, his contentment... sitting babies are great!

And super cute.

But he looks too old now...

Don't grow up too fast, little guy!

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Monica said...

oh my, he does look old now! and when he is sitting up, his head looks the right size :) I can't wait to see you guys!