Thursday, July 22, 2010


Ok, Mom, I'll smile. But I'm too busy to look at you.

At our most recent Couple's Study, we met in the basement while the kids were upstairs with the babysitters. For the first half of the meeting, we could hear loudly pattering feet, balls being thrown, and general sounds of chaos from above. At some point, I noticed that the noise had stopped. Had they all gone outside? Fallen asleep? When we finished I went up to check on them and they were sitting quietly around the dining room table playing with a lump of blue Play-Doh!

Hmm... the wheels started turning...

Next day, we took a trip to Target and Max got to pick out a Play-Doh set of his own. He decided on the toolbox filled with six colors, a scissors, rolling pin, lots of arms, legs, eyes, mouths, etc. for making creatures, and much more (clearance item, 50% off... I may have directed him toward it just a little). We brought it home and he immediately commenced creating a masterpiece. I hung around and cleaned up the kitchen... then the living room... then I checked my email... then I read for book club... then I started dinner... nearly two hours later, he finally showed signs of being ready to do something else!

Now a week later, all six colors have been mashed together into a beautiful blackish-grayish-orangeish blob, but Max doesn't care. Every day this week, he has sat for at least an hour and sculpted with his Play-Doh. Sometimes I play with him, sometimes I don't; it doesn't make much difference to him. He is busy creating.

On a separate note, tomorrow I go in for surgery. Please pray for me and my family, especially Lucian. This will be the longest he'll have ever gone without me. I'll update you when I'm back on my feet again.

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