Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Moorsetown, USA

My Grandpa Moorse has been talking about taking Max fishing since before he could walk! My Grandparents have some land down in Marshall, and there are several places to go to catch some pretty nice fish. We had no Labor Day weekend plans, so we decided to invite ourselves down to Marshall to see if Max could reel in a keeper!

We arrived Friday evening for dinner and found out that, unfortunately, the road out to the pit (where the best fishing is) was underwater. Bummer! So we made a quick change of plans and decided to check out Moorsetown instead. Max spent the evening exploring Grandma and Grandpa's house, especially the electric keyboard in the bedroom. We were treated to an instrumental version of "My Heart Will Go On" more times than I care to remember!

Saturday morning, my mom and cousin Shanni arrived (Shanni came down to finally fulfill her dream of driving a tractor!) and we set out for the lake. If I could create the perfect place for Max to spend a day, it would look a whole lot like Moorsetown. He had full reign to explore the trees and tall grasses, there were rocks to climb and big open areas to run around. But the main purpose of the visit was the fish, and Grandpa lead us out on a makeshift dock, through grass and cattails over our heads, to the fishing spot. Max managed to land a catfish, with a little help from Daddy, and he was pretty stoked!

The other highlight of Moorsetown was Shanni's driving lesson with Grandpa. They took a couple spins around the land in his truck, and Shanni became the unofficial ferryman between the fishing hole and the fire pit!

With the arrival of Sunday came even more excitement! Out to Grandpa's shop we went, to drive a tractor and a loader. Shanni took to the tractor like a pro, and Mom didn't do so bad herself! Paul took Max on a ride, and I was plenty content to snap a zillion pictures. Even push lawnmowers make me nervous... no thanks, tractor. Max got a private ride in the Loader with Grandpa- they even scooped up a mound of dirt and dropped it! What a trip!

Our weekend ended with a visit to Great Great Grandma Lanoue (my mom's grandma) in the nursing home. She's 97 years young, and she looked great! She actually remembered Max from our last visit, and Lucian stole her heart with his big toothless grin.

I have great memories of visiting Marshall when I was young, and I'm so glad that our kids will have those memories too! Thanks, Great Grandma and Grandpa!

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