Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Mommy's Lounge

Wednesday was our book club night out! We went to Dixie's on Grand for half-price wine, and amazingly there was only one pregnant woman with us! Both Sara and Angela brought their precious new babies (born less than two weeks ago each) and Jess brought adorable Will, so much of the evening was spent trading babies... all of them MUCH lighter than Lucian... although Will is quickly moving in the right direction.

Since there are so many of us who have gone through pregnancy and labor, it seems like when we get together conversation inevitably turns to pregnancy stories and the trials of giving birth. I fear that we may be scaring the living daylights out of our single/engaged/newly married book club members, because with upwards of ten children between us, we have experienced a little bit of everything!

Then we move on to talking about how difficult motherhood is- the sleepless nights, the crazy toddlers, the messes, the meltdowns... and our childless friends stare at us in horror. "Why" they seem to be thinking "would I ever want to go down that road?"

Yesterday I was finally able to put into words what all of us moms know instinctively but may not voice as often as we should, and I think it bears repeating (for all you future moms out there).

If I think back on my job as a youth minister, what I remember first is the fulfilling, rewarding time spent with wonderful people. I loved my job and I miss it tremendously. But there were days when I cried because I wasn't getting through to them, when I wanted to throw in the towel and quit. Sometimes I worked my tail off and seemed to get nothing in return. But even with those moments, I knew that I was doing what I was called to do at that time. I took the good with the bad, the hard work with the fun times, and I loved what I did.

In short, being a mother is like having the best, most challenging job you can imagine (and SO much more). For some reason, it's part of our human nature to need to vent our frustrations to people in similar situations. I think it helps us to know that we're not going through it alone. At Dixie's last night, it was as if we had entered the Teacher's Lounge for mommies, where all the trials and tribulations are aired. I'm sorry to those who had to listen to two hours worth of mother troubles without getting a clear picture of the JOY that comes with childbirth and parenting. It's easy to voice our frustrations; it is much harder to put into words how incredible it is to be a mother. For all the tough times I've had, and for all the tough times to come, I wouldn't trade a minute of it!

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