Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hi, My Name Is...

Max has a new favorite question. He asks everyone, whether he knows them or not, "What's your name?" The other day he asked my brother, "What's your name, Uncle Ben?" Um, I think you know the answer to that one, Max. He has asked the Target checkout lady, two women in an elevator at the Mall of America, and our waitress at Perkins. That was an interesting one-

She came to take our order, and Max asked "What's your name?" "I'm Nancy!" she replied. He then continued, "Whaddya gonna bring me?" When she paused, I whispered to Max "You wanted the mac and cheese..." so he continued, "You want to bring me mac and cheese!" If he wasn't two years old, she probably would have been expecting to see his phone number scrawled on a napkin next to her tip.

I think it is probably his way of showing interest in people. He doesn't know how to ask about your job, or how your day went, so he simply asks your name to get the conversation going. So next time you see Max and he asks for your name, understand that he probably already knows it and really just wants an excuse to talk to you!

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Maureen said...

Max--My name is Grandma Yantes and I love you LOTS XXOOOOXX