Thursday, September 9, 2010

I'll Sleep When I'm Dead

I have a riddle for you:

On good nights, she gets five
She dare not hope for seven
And the only time she'll merit nine
Is when she gets to Heaven

Any guesses? Think about it...think about it...Right! Hours of sleep per night as a mother. I first heard this riddle when Max was a baby, and I thought it was really cute and clever. But as for me, I was easily getting seven to eight hours of sleep each night! Those sleepless babies were someone else's problem. Even Lucian, after the first few months of colic, has been a dream baby... until this week. Let me tell you my schedule last night to give you an idea of what my week of sleep has been like. (Note: times are a rough estimate. I'm not looking too closely at the clock in the middle of the night.)

8:30pm Paul puts Lucian to bed
10:15pm I come home from an evening out with the girls
11:00pm Lucian wakes up to eat, I feed him and go to bed
12:30am Lucian wakes up to eat
3:00am Lucian wakes up to eat
4:00am Lucian wakes up to eat
4:30am Max wakes up crying, just long enough to wake me up and get out of bed before falling back asleep on his own
5:00am Lucian wakes up to eat
6:15am Lucian wakes up to eat, I bring him in bed with us and never really go back to sleep
7:00am Lucian wakes up for good, I try ignoring his happy (wide awake) babbling and kicking
7:15am Lucian finally convinces me to get up
7:45am Max wakes up
9:30am I'm ready for a nap.

Good thing he's darn cute.

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