Friday, June 4, 2010

Bridget Elizabeth

I've discovered that every woman needs an Elizabeth- that one person who, even though she may be miles away, shares a special connection with you. When Mary visited Elizabeth in scripture, it's clear that they didn't get to see each other often. But I imagine that despite the distance, when they were together it was as if no time had passed. That's how I feel when I see Bridget (no coincidence that her middle name is Elizabeth). We simply pick up where we left off, and every conversation I have with her strengthens me and edifies me.

Now that our boys are getting older, they are starting to form a friendship as well. It would mean the world to me if they grew up to enjoy each others' company as much as their mothers do. I think we're off to a good start! Bridget stayed here with the boys on her way to Ohio to visit her family, arriving Wednesday night and leaving Friday morning. Patrick and Max entertained each other for hours on end, giving us lots of opportunities to just sit on the porch with our coffee and talk about everything. We came to the conclusion that if we lived near each other, we would simply spend every day on the back porch with a cup of coffee, and life would be too easy.

I firmly believe that women are not meant to raise their children alone. It is so easy to be isolated- even as the world gets smaller, people seem to get further and further apart. We retreat into the comfort (and solitude) of our homes instead of creating community with other mothers. With Bridget here, the day flew by for everyone even though we didn't do much of anything. Maybe someday we can be neighbors... but I think we'll probably have to make do with neighboring states. Six hundred miles isn't so bad, compared to what it could be.

The visit was much too short, as always, but it is wonderful being able to spend even a little time with the Trasks. I can't wait to watch our children grow up together!

Heading out for a stroll

Breakfast on the porch

The Boys: Patrick, Lucian, Joseph and Max


Chillin' in the grass

Down the slide we go

They came up with this brilliant idea all by themselves

A much-needed bath

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