Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Jeff, Chad, Jeremy, Greg, Bill, Paul, Brian, Ryan

Last weekend we took a trip to the Diocese of Madison to attend the ordination of one of Paul's former classmates, Greg Ihm. Believe it or not, I had never been to an ordination before Friday! What an incredible experience. The Mass started at 7:30pm with an enormous procession (I'm estimating 40 priests and 3 bishops) complete with Knights of Columbus, Knights and Ladies of the Holy Sepulchre, all in full regalia. Bishop Morlino took a liking to Max- we were sitting on the aisle, and both on his way in and out he paused to pat Max on the head, tap his cheek and give him a high-five. Awesome!

The Ordination wasn't over until after 10:00, and we stayed at the reception until 11:15. Poor Max was a trooper- he did really well (relatively speaking) during Mass, but during the reception he tore around like a maniac! Every time he slipped out of my sight, he made straight for the dessert tables... I don't know how many bars he actually consumed without my knowledge, but the sugar high lasted long into the night. When we left, Paul let him burn off some energy on the playground outside the church. Thank goodness, because it still took him a half hour to fall asleep when we got back to the room!

midnight playground visit

As for Fr. Greg, I cannot begin to describe how beautifully he is already living his vocation. This man has given himself fully to Christ and the Church in a way that most people (myself included) can't even imagine. It's evident in every word that comes from his mouth- from the reverence with which he celebrated his first Mass to casual conversations over a bottle of beer at the hotel. Paul and I agreed that the most moving moment of the ordination was when Greg gave his first blessing to his parents. I think we both had flashes of "wow... we could be kneeling there someday..." Later that evening, when we asked Greg how he felt, all he could say was "Awesome. Awesome."

Almost all of Greg's original Immaculate Heart of Mary classmates made it to Madison for the weekend, only one of whom is still in Seminary (Jeremy- we'll be there for your ordination too!) - most discerned that they were called to marriage, but I am sure they are all better men for the time they spent at IHM. It was really great seeing Paul with those guys- they don't get together often, but when they do it is quite a sight!!

trip to the top of the silo at the Ihm family farm

Congratulations, Greg. You are a blessing to the Church!

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