Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Girls' Weekend!

The Girls at brunch
It's been a long time coming...

An entire weekend spent with my girlfriends, no men allowed! (except those under 8 months old, of course) Paul took Max for the whole weekend, and he spent most of his time with the other "single dads" and their kids, Aaron and Luci, Luke and Lachlan. I love Max with all my heart, but I didn't look back when our car drove him away for two full days, and I didn't call to check up on him once. I figured no news is good news, and I was ready to treasure every second with only an immobile baby to care for. Rest and relaxation, conversation long into the night, waaaay too much good food... it was a much appreciated break from the everyday.

Karen, Laura, Sarah L

On Friday, I went grocery shopping with Karen while Sara and Angela watched my kiddos. I had forgotten how fun grocery shopping can be with a friend and no children. We brought the food to my parents' house- our getaway for the weekend- and the girls slowly trickled in until late afternoon, fourteen in all, plus four babies!

Grillmeisters Karen and Angela

Sarah S and Emily with Baby Augustine

Swimming was the order of the day all afternoon, and we grilled hamburgers and brats for dinner. Later on, we settled in to the living room and chatted until 2am. Saturday morning came with more conversation, snacking, and swimming (when we all finally got up the energy to move it outside), then we quick-changed it in time for 5:00 Mass. I never imagined that so many girls could go from full swim attire to Sunday Best in thirty minutes flat, but we did it! Amazing, we are.

Bathing beauties Sara R, Jinger, and Shannon

Mass was incredible- I got to soak up the beautiful voices around me (Lily & Shannon, I could listen to you both all day!) and Sara R held Lucian so I could really pray after Communion. Whoa. It's amazing what God can do with only a few short minutes of total focus!

Saturday night brought us Tim-Tam Slams, courtesy of our favorite "Aussie", Angela. For lack of a better description, it was like taking a shot of a chocolate cookie (no alcohol involved). Yeah, I know- you'll have to try it to understand! We played a rousing round of Bowls (Animal PUNCH! Punch, punch! Punchpunchpunchpunch), ate more snacks, and again stayed up until 2am. Yeah I know, two nights in a row? I haven't done that since college. (I paid for it later, but it was SO worth it!)

Angela teaches us how to correctly perform a Tim Tam Slam

Brunch on Sunday morning was perfect, and then everyone pitched in to prepare for Sara's Baby Shower (which of course will have a post all to itself); even the guest of honor spread cream cheese on sandwiches! After the shower, we cleaned and packed... another girls' weekend come and gone in a flash.

Feeling kicks from Babygirl Rogers (i.e. Sara Junior/ SJ/ Cherry Armoire)

Sara, Angela, Jess, Karen, Sarah, Sara, Emily, Shannon, Sarah, Catherine, Laura, Lily, and Jinger, you are all beautiful women. Thank you for making my transition back to Minnesota basically seamless! To steal a line from Angela... Love ya, mean it!!

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megan said...

I LOVE TIM TAMS!!! In australia we ate them all the time!!