Friday, October 29, 2010


My dad is bald. That's no secret. While he is cue-ball bald by choice, his hair would be sparse even if he tried to grow it out. So... we tease him. It's all in good fun, but his children are sometimes ruthless! Luckily, he's really easy-going and laughs along with us.

Well, yesterday, his grandson joined the charge. He was playing in a little tent at my parents' house when Grandpa came home and crawled in to say hi. After a few minutes, I heard a little voice from inside the tent say, "You really don't have any hair, Grandpa??"

Nope, and apparently your hairline is genetically linked to that of your mother's father... Sorry, Max.

Grandpa and Max on the teacups at Como Park

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Ryan Norrell said...

haha. poor Mara's got her father's hairline...