Monday, August 8, 2011

Girls Weekend Strikes Again

I had a conversation with Sara (R) awhile back, in which we discussed whether it's acceptable for us to refer to ourselves as "girls" anymore. Should it be "Women's Weekend"? Maybe "Ladies Weekend"... But once a tradition is begun, it is hard to deviate from it. So for the second time, the Book Club girls kissed their husbands and kids goodbye for a weekend of R&R at Chez Radecki.

It was HOT and HUMID (as was the entire midwest for the entire month of July). So humid, in fact, that I only took two pictures outside because the lens of my camera instantly fogged up the moment I left the air conditioning! Even though it's foggy, I have to share one of them. Since Burnsville has a law against parking on residential streets overnight, we had to fit all of our cars into the driveway in order to avoid tickets. How many cars can my parents driveway fit? Thank goodness it's massive, because get a load of this:

Yes, that's right, TEN cars. I know, we cheated a little with the minivan, but I swear the night before, all ten cars were touching only asphalt, not a single blade of grass. Are we skilled, or are we skilled?

I slacked on the photography this time, catching only a few pictures of the fun we had, but it was such a perfect weekend! We spent most of the daylight hours in the pool, and we stayed up way past our bedtimes both nights. Friday night, the girls all accompanied me to a show that I played with Ben at the 331 Club in Minneapolis. Our friends Shannon and Catherine got to celebrate their very first hand stamp at a bar! The show was fun, and it meant a lot to me that all the ladies wanted to see us perform. Thanks for cheering me on, girls!

Saturday morning we slept in, feasted on all the brunch food we could handle, swam, snacked, and swam some more. In the evening, we retired to the living room for (of course) a rousing game of bowls! A fun time was had by all, but the Karen/Sarah team was the team to watch! Not because they won... in fact, they got one point the entire game... but because they were so invested in the game, and so animated. They were on their feet shouting during every round! Hilarious! I hope some of the pictures Jess took turned out, because there were some moments to remember!

On Sunday, we went to Mass together and then had a great time showering Lily with gifts and well-wishes at a baby shower! We are so excited to welcome the next round of babies into our group: Lily, Emily and Jinger are all expecting! (Who will be next?? Only time will tell...) Thanks, Sara, for planning a great baby shower and baking a delicious cake!

Only 350-ish days til the next girls weekend! Let's start the countdown!

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lsradecki said...

Taryn, I have a couple great pics of all of you in the pool. Wish I could put them on this blog. I will get them to you.