Thursday, December 2, 2010

Ode to Bisquick

When that 4 o'clock hour rolls 'round
And I stand at the fridge with blank stare,
All is truly not lost, I have found,
Even though all the cupboards seem bare.

Down below, behind sugar and flour
Near the pasta, potatoes and oil
Stands the box that makes dinnertime hour
One of joy, not of tears, sweat and toil.

Oh, dear Bisquick! How I do love thee.
You make quick, simple meals on demand.
Whether breakfast, lunch, dinner or tea,
Sweet Bisquick, my wish is thy command.

Spinach egg bake with cheese is a treat,
Simple pancakes so fluffy and light,
Breaded chicken makes dinner complete-
Even kids finish every last bite!

So when that dreaded hour draws near,
And it's time to make dinner tonight,
Do not fret, do not sigh, do not fear!
Grab your Bisquick and all will be right.

Yes, I actually just wrote a poem about Bisquick. Yes, I actually took a picture of my Bisquick box and posted it. Don't judge me.


megan said...

LOVE IT! Wish I had it...instead of nasty cafeteria food that continues to make me sick.

Maureen said...

Yeah--maybe you could send that in to the bisquick company and be in a commercial.

Ruby Qualm said...

I did judge you for your Bisquick post. My judgement is that you are wonderful and creative. I love how you can weave creative stories and poems out of every day life happenings!

lsradecki said...

I had the same thought as Maureen. Maybe they will use the poem in an ad or something. Grandma Moorse would be proud of your poem!!