Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Four days ago, I thought it was an impossibility that I would still be pregnant today. I was having contractions all day, I could barely walk from the house to the garage, I was achy and uncomfortable, and I couldn't fall asleep for the life of me. I figured there was no way I could go through another day like that... and then I woke up the next morning feeling great! Sunday we went on a 1.5 mile walk around the neighborhood, after spending all afternoon at the Flint Hills Festival in St. Paul. Today we took the boys to Grand Avenue and I kept up with them just fine! What's going on here?

We thought it would be fun to have the baby on Uncle Liam's birthday, and it was suggested that I jump on the bed to help things along a bit... yes, I'm feeling good, but not that good. Many people thought I would have the baby yesterday, but since I didn't, it's all up in the air now. Might I actually make it to my due date?? It had never crossed my mind as a possibility until now. When strangers ask me when I'm due, I've been saying "any day now!" because to me, 38 weeks is as full-term as I ever expect to be. June 19th? Not in a million years.

I should be thankful that I'm feeling so good, but every day that goes by without increased discomfort makes me more and more anxious to meet our little girl! Auntie Megan has had a few heart-to-hearts with our baby girl, reminding her that she's welcome to join us any time. Sometimes I poke her just to see if I can annoy her enough to want to come out.

I'm writing this in the hopes that by the time it gets read it will already be obsolete. Next time I write I'd like to be able to include a new baby picture! Who's with me?

Instead, you just get another preggo picture. Not nearly as exciting.


Jessica said...

Oh, I'd say you have at least another week. ;)

Ruby Qualm said...

June 10th is a good day. Weston could use a birthday buddy!

Ryan Norrell said...

Whew! And here I was thinking I must've really pee'd Paul off at some point recently!

"in hopes by the time it gets read it will already be obsolete." You and Maggie both. The race is still on.

Start mowing the lawn for Paul. Mowing hasn't worked for Maggie yet, but I keep pointing out the spots she's missed and she goes back out there in hopes that it spurs something, anything. Maybe hanging sheetrock will help this weekend...

Taryn said...

Thanks a lot, Jess. Exactly what I want to hear.

And Ryan- I am still convinced we'll beat you to three!!! Race is on!

Anonymous said...

Whenever she comes, I can't wait!