Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Nature Creatures

Last time I went to drop off books at the library, I decided to swing through the craft book section to see if anything caught my eye. A book called Nature's Art Box by Laura C. Martin looked promising, so I grabbed it. There are some fun ideas in the book, but most of them are too complex or call for too many materials for our last-minute crafting style. One, however, was just perfect... animals made out of materials you can find in your own yard! Last week we went on a walk to the park armed with buckets, and we collected interesting materials along our way, including helicopter seeds, pine cones, sticks and rocks. Today we finally got around to creating our animals, and they turned out pretty cool! We hot-glued sticks and pine cones together, used pebbles for eyes, flower petals for ears, leaves and helicopters for wings. In the end we had butterflies, rabbits, porcupines, a horse, a goat, and three fairies. Max has been playing with them all afternoon... I'm not sure how long they'll hold up, but this way he gets to have fun twice: creating and playing!

Rabbit and Porcupine
Porcupine and Horse

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