Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Lesson in Economics

In our home, the Daddy Tax Rule is widely enforced. Whenever the kiddos are munching on something that appeals to their dad, he swoops in, proclaims "Daddy Tax!" and snitches a piece of whatever they are enjoying.

On Tuesday night, the three adults in this household devoured a pineapple... a failed attempt at inducing labor. But I made sure to set some aside for the boys in the morning; pineapple is one of Lucian's favorite foods in the world, and one of the few words he can pronounce perfectly. I knew he would be heartbroken if he discovered he had missed out on the pineapple that he saw in our cart at Costco. Sure enough, the next morning he got up bright and early (even before Daddy left for work) and came down to scope out the kitchen. He looked in the garbage can and found the empty pineapple hull... and immediately began a chorus of "Pine, apple, peas? Pine, apple, peas?" Thank goodness for the stash we had stored away; it would have been a loooooong morning without it!

I set him up at the table with a plate of pineapple and a bowl of cereal. Soon after, Daddy came in for the kill. "Daddy Tax!" Thankfully, he was kind and only took a small nibble of Lucian's prized pineapple. Louie giggled and probably inwardly heaved a huge sigh of relief that the damage wasn't greater.

Half an hour later, Daddy was at work, Lucian was finished with his breakfast, and Max was just sitting down to enjoy his pineapple and cereal. Before I even knew what was happening, Louie climbed up on the chair next to Max, proclaimed "Yay-Yay Tax!" and swiped a slice of Max's pineapple, shoveling it in before anyone could object!

Being the easy-going kid that he is, Max barely batted an eyelash and went on eating the remainder of his pineapple. I managed to stop Louie before he helped himself to a second round of taxation, and we had a little chat about taking other people's food. But if Daddy can do it... why can't Yay-Yay?

Why indeed?

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Sarah Stanbary said...

You have some really great easy going kids, Taryn! Good work! Super cute story! :-)